Abstract book

Natalya Astashova, Vladimir Tolstikov, Olga Tugusheva, Olga Samar, Russia
The Latest Results of the Archaeological Research of the Early Panticapaeum

David Cohen, Monika Therrien, Mauricio Hoyos, Colombia
Old Aqueducts and Sewage Systems of Santafé de Bogotá and Historical Arqueology of the City

Martina Ferrari, USA, Italy, Matilde Borla, Lucia Liccioli, Mariaelena Fedi, Paolo Gallo, Italy
A ‘Coptic’ Tunic of the Egyptian Museum of Turin: Stylistic Attribution and Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Radiocarbon Dating

Magdalena Iwanicka, Piotr Targowski, Łukasz Ćwikliński, Poland
Combined Use of Optical Coherence Tomography and MacroXRF Imaging for Non-invasive Evaluation of Past Alterations in the 17th C. Dutch Painting

Alexandra Jeberien, Olga Emgrund, Germany
The Waldglas Project – Combining Instrumental Analyses for the Examination of Post-Excavation Corrosion on Archaeological Glass

Helena Kupershmidt, Israel
Some Problems of Metal Artifacts Separation during Conservation Treatments

Anna Łopuska, Poland
Authenticity vs. Accessibility. The Borders of Compromise in the Preservation of Auschwitz-Birkenau Site

Lei Luo, Xinyuan Wang, P.R. China
Uncovering the Ancient Silk Road from the Dunhuang Manuscripts by Using Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS

Faye Olsgard, USA
Reconstructing the Ancestral Inheritance of Costa Rica

Estelle Orrelle, Liora Kolska Horwitz, Israel
Contextualization of Zoomorphic Figurines of the Neolithic of the Southern Levant

Antonello Pagliuca, Antonella Guida, Antonio Bixio, Italy
Survey with 3D Laser Scanner as a Tool for Knowledge: Analysis of Case Studies

W. Brent Seales, C. Seth Parker, USA, Pnina Shor, Israel
Virtual Unwrapping: Quantitative Distortion Analysis of Flattening Applied to the Scroll from Ein-Gedi

Pavel Volkov, Liudmila Lbova, Russia
The Techniques and the Decorating of the Siberian Paleolithic Anthropomorphic Figurines

Miroslaw Wachowiak, Grzegorz Trykowski, Poland
Non Invasive XRF Examination of Paintings’ Primings from the Years 1838-1938 – Novel Method Supporting Dating and Authentication of Modern Paintings

Alexander Wiegmann, Israel
The Application of Photogrammetry in Archaeology in the Jerusalem District